Genesis 15.5-6; Proverbs 29a; and Mark 10.52

Living the Vision.Life is acknowledging God has vision and plans for our lives and walking that

vision out by faith. 

Sometimes we don't know what God has planned for us, BUT we can trust that His vision and plans for us are for good, to prosper us, bless us and give us a future.

Can you see what God sees for your life

Join us at Vision.Life to learn more. 




  Dr. B.J. Willis


 Pastor. Preacher. Teacher. International Conference Speaker. Intercessor.



        Ron Willis, Sr.


Preacher. Teacher. Men's Leader. Conference Speaker. Administrator.

Our Vision


         Living a

Christ-centered Life


Introducing Other

         to Jesus


    Fulfilling the

Great Commission


     Engaging in

  Fellowship with     

    Other Believers

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