Tuition Cost

Research shows the average student completes higher education and walks away with more than $40,000.00 of debt but  NOT at the Bible Institute! We offer AFFORDABLE, Accredited, Education without the massive and oppressive debt.  


 It is the vision of LMF to provide affordable higher education because those we serve, serve for a higher calling. 

Therefore, we have not only developed an accredited accelerated program, but have kept tuition cost down so our students can focus on learning and not on debt.  All courses are 6 weeks unless otherwise specified. Below are tuition cost. Each student is responsible for the purchase of course books. 


Associate Degree            $250 per month (18 month program) or $375 per 6 week course

Bachelor Degree             $300per month (18 month program) or $450 per 6 week course

Master Degree                $350 per month  (18(month program) or $525 per 6 week course

Doctorate Degree           $400 per month (18 month program)  


One third is paid 5 days prior to the start of your class. The balance must be paid by the start of the foruth week of class or you will be automatically dropped from the course. You can drop from a course by the 2nd day of class for a  full refund.  There are no refunds after the start of 2nd week of class date.  


Please email HELP if you have questions.  




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