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LMFBI is dedicated to Christian education. LMFBI offers several programs that are designed to provide the student with a well-rounded Christian education. We offer academic degrees in religious education that are designed to equip the student with a solid practical and thorough Christian education that will prove rewarding and challenging.



Our training is not intended to advance persons in the Secular Field of Employment. However, our training is to provide each man or woman with the skills required to carry on the Work of the Ministry as well as other phases of Christian Education.



LMFBI presents an opportunity for all who are interested in preparing themselves for all phases of full-time Christian Service.  We are committed to the evangelical Christian faith without hesitation or reservations. LMFBI examines the value of the doctrine as found in the Holy Bible which we believe was and is the undisputable inherent word God.



We believe that education is not completed by merely offering truth, but that action and application are necessary to complete the cycle. Therefore, we choose to emphasize and lead students into a meaningful program of Christian service as it correlates to their academic program. Our training is not intended to advance persons in the secular field of employment.



We desire to afford all Believers in Jesus Christ the opportunity to attend LMFBI.  Therefore, we have made the school affordable with one flat monthly fee. The dollar amount is determined by the degree program in which you choose to enroll.



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Associate Degree

Biblical Studies

Classes begin:TBD



Bachelor Degree

Biblical Studies

Religious Education or


Classes begin: TBD



Master Degree

Biblical Studies

Christian Counseling

Religious Education Theology



Classes Start Dates TBA



Doctorate Degree

Religious Education Theology



Class Start Dates TBA



Associate and Bachelor

Program  Courses Registration begins      TBD



Classes begin



Simply complete and submit your  application. NO fee.


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