Who can join? You are required to agree with and follow Our Common Belief found at the bottom of the home page most commonly known as  " tenants of faith." You must be called by God not man to preach the gospel as pastor.

Who is LMF?   Established in 1996, LMF is a federally recognized not for profit, non-denominational Christian organization. Over 290 pastors and ministers around the world have chosen to place their ministries in alliance with LMF. Apostle Willis is accountable to an international board of Apostles, Bishops, Pastors and lay Ministers.

Why Choose LMF  Pastors continue to choose LMF because we are backed with years experience at training, credentialing, mentoring and coaching Pastors and and Ministers. We offer real relationship with compassion, leadership, guidance and support that can't be beat.

What Makes LMF Different?   We will NEVER attempt to exercise any legal authority or "usurp" power over the local pastor, church, congregation or church property. We intervene only at the request of the senior pastor or church elders. Each LMF Covenant Church remains independent, continuing to choose its own pastor and programs, handling their own finances and following the vision God has given the pastor for their church.

How does joining LMF benefit me?   Our affiliation is relational only by mutual consent as led by Holy Spirit. The relationship can be dissolved by either party with written notice. As an Individual Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ you will.. •Have an international body of Apostles, Bishops and Elders who can attest to your character and integrity. You will have all rights to serve the sacred and holy sacraments and participate in and officiate all duties of an ordained minister in your state. Additionally, Your covenant membership with us will tell others that an international body of Christian leaders consisting of the five-fold ministries has recognized you and are able to attest to your personal and professional integrity. 

 What does it cost to join  Remember...Authority without accountability equals trouble.

Your Church can become Covenant Affiliate Member Church by submitting a $350 annual covenant church membership, completing the online questionnaire, providing all required documents and agreeing to our Faith covenant.  Your faith covenant agreement is to support LMF through prayers, a monthly church tithe and financial support for all events and activities of LMF regardless if you attend or not. Your church covenant agreement covers the Sr. Pastor and all in-house ministers and evangelist. 

Individual Sr. Pastors, Ministers and Evangelists desiring to become an Individual Covenant Member can join simply by completing an online questionnaire, a recommendation letter from their senior pastor and agreeing to our Faith Covenant. 

What about annual renewal?  Covenant Affiliate Member Churches will complete the renewal form along with annual $350. Credentialed individuals complete renewal form and continue sowing $22 per month, which covers the annual renewal or you can give $240 by January 31st each year.

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 Prayer Network

Our International Prayer Network of Intercessors are waiting to hear from you.  We want to pray for your prayer request.  We will be praying 24 hrs a day for 7-days lifting your name and your petition before God daily. Simply click the link below to email the International Prayer Network.Submit Prayer Request

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