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Holy Grounds Training Center is the final component of the Liberty Ministry Fellowship, Inc. vision. LMF, Inc. is a federally recognized 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization. LMF, Inc. Reaches the Lost through planting and establishing churches while providing biblical spiritual covering of accountability to pastors and churches around the world. LMF oversees five (5) pastors/churches in the United States and 483 pastors in Eastern Africa. We are internationally registered in Kenya and continue mission trips to Uganda and Tanzania where we help pastors (at no cost) to develop, equip and train their congregations to Reach the Lost in their villages. Holy Grounds Training Center registered with the Internal Revenue Service in 2009 as part of LMF, Inc. Liberty Ministry Fellowship moved its headquarters to LaGrange, Georgia in 2014.



We believe God to build the Holy Grounds Training Center (HGTC) in Lagrange, Troup County, Georgia where LMF, Inc. can implement the vision to provide a quality Christian conference and retreat center with an atmosphere for Christian groups to train the body of Christ to Transform lives as they Reach the Lost, while showing the love, hope and the compassion of Jesus to all who attend.



It is estimated less than ten percent of the land will be used for building and parking.  This ensures the natural beauty of God's handiwork remains in place.  The PSALM 23 building which provides lodging, dining, and meeting areas, will operate with energy from our solar panel system.  Guests/Attendees will enjoy access to three meeting rooms which seat a total of 300 event participants. 


OUR CARBON FOOTPRINT and Alternative Energy: 

GOD has placed us, His people as stewards of the earth and we take that responsibility seriously. The preservation of GOD's earth is a priority to LMF.  While we desire to operate on solar energy, we do recognize the cost can be great. However, we know that the use of solar panels on our building will afford HGTC opportunity to conserve energy thus reducing our carbon footprint.



We offer a comfortable hotel -like setting where overnight guests will relax. Event attendees can enjoy walking trails and park benches near the pond.  Audio and video equipment is available upon request in the meeting rooms.  The Holy Grounds Coffee Bar is open daily or they may snack at the "Where'd You Get That" snack bar with popcorn, pretzels, and frozen yogurt.


Our mission is to equip pastors and congregations to Reach the Lost, therefore we provide a quality Christian atmosphere for Christian groups to provide training to the body of Christ, therefore newspapers, televisions and radios are not provided in rooms.  However, there is a television to monitor world news in the common area as well as complimentary wireless internet is available in meeting rooms for meeting purposes.



The land we have identified in LaGrange, Georgia, which is strategically located 57 miles south of the Atlanta Hartsfield International Airport and 43 miles north of Columbus, GA. The airport shuttle service to both airports stop in Lagrange, GA.  The land is wooded and clearing some of the land in preparation for building, may generate funds for HGTC.  The surrounding communities consist of six (6) privately owned and operated guesthouses/retreat houses with limited capacity (5-30).  In an effort to demonstrate our commitment and respect to these communities and their businesses, our overnight guest capacity differs from the maximum seating at HGTC thus affording opportunity to refer overflow from events to these businesses.



Holy Grounds Training Center exist to equip pastors and churches to Reach the Lost here in America. Jesus said "Come unto me all you who labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest". Our campaign @LMFHolyGrounds #RestRevival to raise the amount needed



We are deeply grateful to GOD our provider for those who support the ministry. Every effort is made to keep HGTC self-supporting. Therefore, the facility provides space for rent to small and large Christian groups which follow, agree with, and follow our tenants of faith to hold meetings - weekly, monthly, annually. Churches in agreement with and agreed to adhere to our tenants of faith can hold conferences, women's and men's meetings, youth rallies, board or volunteer training and a host of other events.



Our goal is to share the gospel reaching 1000 individuals each year. Twice per year we will offer plays focused to Reach the Lost. While there is opportunity for pastors, churches, Christian organization use the facility, our staff ensures classes, seminars, workshops, conferences are to reach the Lost. Therefore, monthly 1-4 hour seminars will be offered by local, national, and international (when available) pastors and speakers to the public for a nominal fee.  Participant training lasts 6 weeks to 6 months depending on the training program chosen.  Each participant will pay in advance a flat rate for classes, (to include room and board where applicable).  Note: Class facilitator’s rates are paid through these funds.



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